1. What is Nostalgicar?

It all started when my wife and I decided to bring our two old cars so as to get some profitsand cut expenses, which was exactly what they had done so far. With this in mind we decided to create our own business, and all this encouraged some of our friends to join, as well as some of the owners of these types of cars, in order to start a sort of society we call Nostalgicar.

2.  What brand of vintage cars brands do you work with?

Although we relate mostly better to the Chevrolet brand, which was the first of two brands that prompted this idea, we work with all classic cars brands like Ford,Buick, and Cadillac.

3. What year of manufacture are the cars?

Dates range between1950 and1959.

4.  How many people can travel in each vintage car?

The cars can accommodate up to four passengers for maximum comfort.

6.  How can these vintage cars be identified as part of Nostalgicar society?

As shown on the picture below, our Nostalgicar logo is on the front vent windows and in the back windshield.

7.  How many vintage cars do you have?

We have 11 cars altogether, though sometimes we have used up to 20, most of them Chevrolets, manufactured in different years, with air conditioning and hard top. Today we are in the process of restoring a 1952 convertible Chevrolet.

8.  How do you restore the cars?

We do it in our in our own house, craft made and by our own means. Most of all those damaged spare parts are restored here, the rest of them are imported.

9.  Do the cars often go through vehicle inspection so they can freely circulate?

In order to provide a taxi service, they must go through a vehicle inspection, controlled by the government every year; after the inspection, the company in charge stamps a seal on the front windshield. 



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