Nadine borns

It was my uncle 's car. Unlike Lola, Nadine always belonged to the family. Since its initial purchase in 1955, was passed from one generation to the next. It was always a beautiful car with the same colors that it currently have. My uncle bought it at the Chevrolet   branch office that was based in San Antonio de los Baños back then. When my uncle's mother became ill, he thought who would leave his car as inheritance. He loved that car so much he did not want it to be sold, it was something precious to him. His children did not have the slightest interest in repair it, so it started deteriorating over time. I had studied mechanical engineering in college and had a passion for classic and vintage cars. It seems my uncle noticed this and decided that I could make the car work again. Now is the pride of the family: see how after so many years returns to show the same curves and shapes.

Although another mission today still rolling through the streets of the Havana city as is conceived by its creators.




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