Lola is pink and white

Surely Lola, as affectionately nicknamed, would have been a more circulating almendrón*. Perhaps even become junk, but we had seen something more than a hopeless old car that afternoon in 2011, when I first saw it in the yard of their former owners.

I remember that at that time the engine did not work, the seats were broken and both mechanics and body were in bad shape, no one thought it could change so much during one year. I confess that at first I doubt the purchase. He had over 10 years lying on the garage of a country house, and no one will even try to start it. Then owners had lost interest, not believed capable of repair, or harbored the faint hope that someday, again , threw out walking.
We took a chance, buy a car was part of our way of life and did not have much money. Finally decided to stay with the car, with the intention of gradually restore it to its original form. We work hard throughout the year, hours of dedication and commitment, until finally we gave some extra life to the Lola, which now attracts admiring glances and gestures .
Lola, for us, it's not a car anymore, it managed to become a beloved member of our family .
* The way American old cars are know in Habana, most of the time used as taxis.




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