Nadine's first mission

It began in 2012 and after arduous restorations, Nadine was almost ready to go out. He was missing quite upholstery insignificant details when a friend advised us to attend a casting vintage cars that were made ​​in the Hotel Nacional de Cuba for the filming of a movie Cuban-Canadian co-production. Attended many cars of that era with different brands and models, but to our delight, Nadine was selected as the winner, because for all its aspects was considered the most original preserved of all cars in competition.

Nadine borns

It was my uncle 's car. Unlike Lola, Nadine always belonged to the family. Since its initial purchase in 1955, was passed from one generation to the next. It was always a beautiful car with the same colors that it currently have. My uncle bought it at the Chevrolet   branch office that was based in San Antonio de los Baños back then. When my uncle's mother became ill, he thought who would leave his car as inheritance. He loved that car so much he did not want it to be sold, it was something precious to him.

Lola is pink and white

Surely Lola, as affectionately nicknamed, would have been a more circulating almendrón*. Perhaps even become junk, but we had seen something more than a hopeless old car that afternoon in 2011, when I first saw it in the yard of their former owners.

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